Who Makes “The News”?

…and how does it affect you as an artist or band?

Back Then

Before the new age of communication through email, social networks and tiny computers called smartphones, public relations professionals released information to the media that they wanted the world to see.

There was a lot more control over what became “news” and there was a slower pace to how the general public communicated as a whole.

People had to wait and find a pay phone to make a call from the road. People had to write letters by hand and wait to send and receive them from the postal service. People had to wait on the early morning news broadcast or until the paperboy had made his rounds to find out what had happened in the community overnight. During the day there was only radio and television for news updates which were done maybe twice an hour at the most. After the work day, people would watch the five o’clock news and read the evening addition newspaper after dinner. Then most people would catch bits and pieces of the local late news broadcast between spurts of dosing off.


Today, we get news updates almost simultaneously as the news happens, and most people get everything sent as notifications on their phones that they carry with them every moment of their lives.

Anyone with a Twitter account can create “news” and therefore the people involved in the news have no control over what becomes news. Public relations professionals and media are now reacting to something the public has done, as opposed to releasing news and waiting on the public to react.

Take Advantage of the Change

Our current culture does not want to miss a thing, and in the haste to always know what is currently happening, we tend to believe every notification as complete fact without even questioning where the information has come from. This can be a public relations nightmare for public figures and those behind the scenes trying to keep their clients in the most favorable view of a very fickle general public.

As an artist or band, whether signed or independent, it is imperative that you create “The News” for yourself. You cannot wait for the news to come to you or you will be late to your own party. Spend time getting connected with the general public in every way possible. Spend time creating an image that you want. Create a message to your audience that will help people notice and remember you.

Become a Professional

If you are serious about your art, your music, and your message, and if you want to make a living creating it, become a professional.

I am sure you have heard the sayings, “It takes money to make money” and “You get what you pay for”. Despite what you may think or what you may want to believe, life is not easy, especially when you are trying to create art and make a living doing so. You can’t always do things for free and expect great results.


Consider your talents and strengths, and focus on becoming a professional doing those things. You simply don’t have time to become a professional writer, artist, musician, singer, record/video producer, studio engineer, photographer, web designer, and marketing guru. You just can’t “do it all”.

Everyone who has found success in an artistic field has had people around them to help them find their success. Professionals focus on their craft and let other people help them along the way. Getting help sometimes costs money, but the quality of the end product is well worth the money spent.

If you assemble a network of professionals who help you produce your art, polish your art, protect your art, publish your art and promote your art, then you will find success to repeat the process over and over for years to come!

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