Through The Eyes of a Child

Through the eyes of a child we can see a perspective that most of us forget. Kids are so observant and most of the adults in the world do not give them credit for being so. They speak the truth without thought of why they shouldn’t. Adults sometimes think too much or worry about appearing a certain way to those around us.

I have always been a patriotic person. In my opinion, the United States has the best National Anthem ever written and songs like Neal E. Boyd’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” send chills down my spine each time I hear them, but working in the studio this week with an 8 year old girl who wrote a song for her big brother who recently left to join the U.S. Army made me take a deep breath and hold back tears like never before.

The song was simple and it was from her heart. It took us three days just to get through the song without having to stop for tears. Hannah Celine had never been in a recording studio before and she was nervous to even sing out loud, but she knew that she wanted to do it for her big brother.

It’s quiet down the hall, but I can hear us laugh
In the distance you’d sing, I miss hearing that

Hannah Celine says goodbye to her big brother, as he leaves for the US Army

Hannah’s brother was the reason she started writing in the first place. He is a singer/songwriter, as well, and he had once given her a very good piece of advice.

“Whenever you feel something in your heart,” he told her, “write it down and then sing it.”

Hannah told me that whenever she had a good day, a bad day or had something she really needed to remember, she wrote a song like her brother told her to.

At night it was hard to sleep, you’d always make it better
With a lullaby in my ear, now there’s only your letter

Hannah is not the only sister to send her brother off to boot camp and miss him; so as we worked in the studio those few days I began to think about all of those other girls and boys who may be sitting at home at night trying to sleep, but missing their lullaby from down the hall.

I know you have to do this, because God has called you
But I know being gone, is still hard on you too
I promise to make you proud, with everything I do
Because that is how I feel, every time I think of you

Her brother made the decision to serve his country as a soldier, putting his own dreams of being a singer/songwriter on the back burner, because he felt that being a soldier was what God wanted him to do. Most 18 year olds rarely get a glimpse of the impact that they actually make on the lives of those growing up beside them. That is what struck me about the truth in this song. This young man means so much to his sister.

Even though I cry sometimes, even though we say goodbye
You say, you’re always here… just sing our lullaby
Even though it’s hard sometimes, I remember what you said
Even though I cry sometimes, I wipe the tears away with your lullaby

Hannah told me all about how they used to sing this lullaby together. She told me that when she really misses him, she will still sing it quietly to herself.

I know we have a way, no matter how far a part
Keeping us close like before holds a place in our hearts
Remember our lullaby, and each night we’ll sing
You sing the melody and I’ll sing my harmony

Hannah Celine’s song for her brother may just speak for all the children missing their brothers and sisters who are sacrificing to serve this country called America. Here’s to all the soldiers past, present and future who choose to leave behind what they know to do something greater for others! You may not realize the impact you have already made, but through the eyes of a child and a studio microphone you can get a glimpse.

God Bless America and all those defending Her!


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