There’s A Change Com’n In The Winter Wind…

No matter how festive an occasion weddings can be, there are always moments of stress! There are times to reflect, and even times to regret moments that should have been a bit different throughout life had we only handled things differently at the time.

Hannah Celine is a young singer / songwriter who at the tender age of 8 has found a way to deal with the emotions she is experiencing in such a beautiful way that we can all identify with her. You might remember her first song “Even Though I Cry” which dealt with her brother leaving home to serve his country in the United States Army.

Her follow up song “I’m Gonna Miss You” deals with the emotions that come with watching a sibling get married.

As a father, I have mixed emotions when listening to this song. This wedding is a happy occasion. The Bride and the Groom are truly meant to be together and it will be a blessing to see them exchange their lifelong vows, but I can identify with this song on many levels.

There are feelings of joy, pride and relief that my job as a parent is complete, but I also feel the sadness and loss of seeing a person whom I have raised from a young age go from depending on me to now turning to someone else for all of her needs.

Like Hannah sings, “There’s a change com’n in the winter wind…” I too can feel it in the cool, crisp breeze of Christmas morning. It’s a good change and a natural step one takes in life, but this father’s little girl is no longer just his little girl anymore and that is a change that will take some getting used to.

To my Shayla-la and Hannah Celine, Daddy loves you very very much!

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