There are nine different bands named Sky 1. Sky was an English-based progressive rock band, formed in 1978 when classical guitarist John Williams decided to team up with Herbie Flowers, Francis Monkman, Tristan Fry and Kevin Peek. After a protracted search for a record company, they eventually signed with the small European label Ariola Records. Their self-titled debut album was highly successful in Britain and Australia. Their follow up double album, "Sky 2", was even more so being the tenth highest selling in Britain for all of 1980. The departure of Francis Monkman led to his replacement by Steve Gray, who took the band to a more jazz influenced area. Subsequent albums saw a gradual dwindling in quality and success. After their sixth album, "Cadmium", John Williams too left the band. Sky were to record only two more albums, "The Great Balloon Race" and "Mozart". The latter of these was produced with the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, and was their most successful album in the United States. 2. Sky Sailors Delight the second album by the Knack's Doug Fieger was produced by Jimmy Miller with Andy Johns, eight years before producer Mike Chapman would unleash "My Sharona" on the world. Fieger's "Don't Want Nobody" has all the elements that Miller put into his Stones hits and Traffic classic album cuts -- piano and flute supplement the folk guitar and vocal, giving the singer an enviable platform. The album is a solid representation of Fieger's song compositions and pre-Knack efforts; "Let It Lie Low" is a nice bit of pop/rock that foretells what was to come, a happy-go-lucky drumbeat by Robby Stawinski exploding when the Rolling Stones' horn section of Bobby Keys and Jim Price kicks in. Young Fieger's letter to producer Miller not only landed him the two albums on RCA, it enabled the group to get the great players here, like guitarist John Uribe and the Stones' pianist Ian Stewart, continuing the tradition of the stellar guests who showed up for Sky's first album. "Taking the Long Way Home" definitely sounds like an American version of Traffic, with conga drums that help the transition from this song to the piano ballad "Come Back." Again, the Stones' horns come in to add a touch of class, creating a nice bed for the powerful song-title chorus to emphasize Feiger's slinky vocal. This track is outstanding, and should have been a staple on 1971 FM radio. Miller was quite busy in the early '70s with Locomotiv GT, the Savage Rose, the Rolling Stones, Delaney & Bonnie, George Harrison, and Ginger Baker's Air Force, among others. Sailor's Delight, with its beautiful red sunrise/sunset cover, is a lost gem from the major producer at the peak of his powers as well as from his discovery Fieger, who went on to create the hit of the summer of 1979, "My Sharona." Inside these grooves are melodies and performances that verify Miller's genius; "Tooly" has an island feel while John Coury's "Sing for Me" comes off like the serious side of Tommy James. "Sing for Me," "Come Back," and "Low Down" from this disc would be perfect Sky contributions for the inevitable Jimmy Miller production box set. As entertaining as it is historical, Sailor's Delight is creative work from the master producer and the musicians he believed in enough to sign. How many "name" producers on a hot streak would gamble on an unknown singer, with validation coming years later as the singer went on to worldwide fame? 3. Sky is also the name of a R&B/Pop duo from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, consisting of James Renald and Antoine Sicotte. The duo found success with their songs "Some Kinda Wonderful" and "Love Song" from their "Piece Of Paradise" album. In 2000, Renald left the group due to camera shyness. He was replaced by Anastacia from Montreal (not to be confused with the American-born Anastacia). The new duo released two singles, "Superhero" and "You", from the album "Travelling Infinity". In 2003, Sky changed members once again, with Anastacia being replaced by Karl Wolf, releasing only one single "Dedication". Ultimately, Sky broke up, with Karl Wolf going solo. 4. Sky is a pop/dance band from Russia. The current lineup is: Iren (vocals), MC Green (programming), Oleg (drums), Jopson (guitar). (Tracks: Мальчик ищет маму, Судьба, Под запретом, Всё будет.) 5. There's another Sky in Russia. He's a young drum and bass producer from St. Peterburg, who started his career in year 2000. On 2004 he released his debut album "Transient Oblivion". 6. Sky is a progressive rock band from Hell in Trøndelag, Norway. The band consists of Frode Kvarsnes, Terje Husa, Tommy Folstadli, Magne Kolsrud and Reidulf Wormdahl. 7. Sky was a five-member Cantonese pop boy band from Hong Kong which released four albums, starting in 1999. They released their last album "Higher than Sky" in 2005. 8. Sky was a 9-piece R&B band in the late seventies, a project mainly consisting of members from the Phenix Horns, the famous brass section of Earth Wind & Fire, most notably Don Myrick and Louis "Lui Lui" Satterfield. They released one self titled album in 1979. 9. SKY was the stage name of South Korean singer and actor Choi Jin-Young. His first album, the 1999 release "Final Fantasy," was a success with the popular single "영원 (Forever)" topping music charts. Choi went on to release two more albums before his death in 2010. Read more...

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