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There are at least 3 bands that have used the name Never Enough: 1 The Real Never Enough was a hardcore band from baltimore. Never Enough is a hardcore band from maryland that hates religion, the pack mentality, and most of all, the dilluting of hardcore punk into a mindless pile of shit. They also spell their name using the american english alphabet so as not to align themselves with the idiots below who are apparently "down with the sickness" a year after the real Never Enough broke up, some mall metal dudes decided not to do a google search or peruse amazon. com and decided to use the same name, hence, that leads us to......... 2. Never Enough (also N3V3R 3N0U6H) is a new project from Lylah frontman Norman Matthews, Eighteen Visions guitarist Keith Barney and drummer Trevor Friedrich. The group recently released their self-titled debut on Corporate Punishment Records. The band’s dark eclectic sound has drawn comparisons to artists like Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and HIM. 3. An early monniker for German metalcore band Caliban, who possibly released a demo under this name. 4. Prior to all of these bands was the Real REAL Never Enough having releases dating back to 1999 and having tour spots on Warped Tour and festivals like Cornerstone. Hailing from Chicago, the band gained moderate International success helping to propel the current scene with bands like the Felix Culpa, Sleeping at Last and Anathello before breaking up in 2003. Read more...

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