Nine bands share the name "Closer": Closer (1): Closer is a three-piece heavy emo / post-hardcore formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2016 Ryann Slauson, Griffin Irvine, and Matthew Van Asselt had all been playing together and separately in various other projects for many years, but this is the first joint songwriting venture the three have undertaken together. The band began when Matt and Ryann ran into each other outside of a practice space and made a spur of the moment plan to play together later that day. The first closer song was made up on the spot. Griffin joined on shortly after and the three quickly released a demo and began playing shows. Their debut LP all this will be will come out fall 2017 on Lauren Records, Conditions Records, and Middle Man Records. Closer (2): Closer is a Melodic Death Metal band from Hagfors, Värmland in Sweden. They used to go under the name Withered, but decided to get a new, fresh start when their label didn't hold up to the release contract. Before closing a new record deal, Closer was named Swedens best unsigned band by the prestigeous periodical Close-Up Magazine. On October 24th 2008, Closer released their anticipated debut - A Darker Kind of Salvation. The band now resides in Örebro, Sweden. Members: Andreas Melberg - Vocals Tobias Persson - Drums Per Bergquist - Guitar Earlier members: Björn Ahlqvist - Bass Jonas Skoog - Guitar Closer (3): Closer all started out as a dream of singer/songwriter Roel Kessels. Inspired by many great artists like Damien Rice and Elliott Smith he already wrote and recorded songs on his own. This filled him with much satisfaction, but he also felt there was something missing. After seeing the movie Closer, with Damien Rice's song 'The Blower's Daughter' accompanying the ending, he got inspired to enhance his music with bowed strings. A couple of years later he met Thomas on the train. Thomas played the cello, and it wouldn't be long before they started playing together and planned their first gig. Setting things up... So Closer is now Roel Kessels as guitarist and lead vocalist, and Thomas van Geelen on the cello, singing an occasional second. They had their first gig together with Lotte, who plays the violin. Lotte still plays with them every now and then, but most of the time you'll find them playing by twos. They started performing at small venues in Tilburg and Breda, and even on some small festivals in Breda (Troubadourfestival and Bluesfestival). And now, after 5 months of musical collaboration, they're already planning a tour in Holland for the summer. And with a demo cd recorded, they're all set to take on the world! Closer (4): Swedish progressive rock band Closer was founded in 2004 by Joachim Dahlberg, Alx Reuterskiöld and Magnus Åsard. With Jocke Göthberg (ex-Marduk, Dimension Zero) behind the drums, they recorded a selftitled, three song demo the same year. Shortly after that, Jocke left the band. With no replacement, Closer was set in rest mode for almost a year, while members focused on other projects. In the beginning of 2005, Closer got a new start when two new band members were recruited: Jesper Örtegren and Olle Cederborg. With new inspiration, the band started writing new songs, and the idea of a thematic EP was slowly coming to life. After intense writing and rehearsals during the spring, Closer entered the studio in August to record Tokpela EP. In October, the self produced album was mastered at Cutting Room in Stockholm by Thomas Eberger (Opeth, The Hives). Currently, a video for EP opener Open Casket is in full production, and a series of live shows are being planned. New material for future releases is also in the making. Closer (5): Formed in 2003 by Low (vocals) and Guillaume (guitar, piano), Closer's line up remained unchanged since september 2004, when completed by Cisco (bass) and finally Etienne (guitar). Influenced by visual kei, Closer's first auto-produced CD, Mind Mess, out on January 20th 2006, comprises 5 songs. They have no limits in their writing, therefore rock'n'roll is often side by side with electro music, and Guillaume's beautiful piano interventions enriches their songs. Thanks to the signing on underground label Nanimato, they will be live in Paris, as japanese band Calmando Qual's first part, on 2006 July 29th. Besides, an exclusive song of theirs is available on Nanimato's compilation, Sakurabana. Their first maxi-single, In Need, will be out further in the year. Closer (6): An indie rock band from Greece, that dominated the Athens indie scene in 1997-2000. During that time they produced two brilliant albums: "In the Market" and "Suddenly Comes". They have come back in 2007 with the self-titled album "Closer". Band members currently are: John Ververis (guitar), Vag (bass, vocals), Andreas Pappas (vocals), Andreas Ioannou (guitar), Thanos Michailides (drums) and Vasso Nikolopoulou(violin). Closer (7): A pop rock band from Ames, IA. Closer (8): Yes, there's even a sixth band sharing this Name. Sometimes tagged as Closer (SC), these 3 boys do some nice mellow Rock. Chek them out at Closer (9): Electro-industrial project from Liechtenstein. Read more...

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