There are multiple artists with this name: 1) English metal band 2) Japanese band. 3) Ukrainian ambient project. 1) AR (AnAchoic ReflectioN) was a metal band from England formed by John Isaac (bass, guitar, vocals), Kev Baker (guitar, bass, vocals) and Alex Magilton (drums). Fashioned by the unremitting horror that pervades Cambridge and the surrounding areas, AR is a band that brooks no compromise. Heavy, loud and ironclad they have been under a self-imposed confinement for two years, during which time they have been grinding fragmentary lyrics and shattered riffs into a taught, dynamic set. Before their disbandment in 2006, AR had released a full-length self-released effort titled "Reverse", and a 3-track EP titled "Initiation". Official Myspace: AR (AnAchoic ReflectioN) are John Isaac (bass, guitar, vocals), Kev Baker (guitar, bass, vocals) and Alex Magilton (drums). Before their disbandment in 2006 AR had released a full length self recorded effort entitled ‘Reverse’ and a three track EP called ‘Initiation’. 2) Ar (アル) is a band from Japan, formed in 2003 by Atsushi Kubo, Yoshitaka Fujimoto and Tsubasa Ohta. They have released one mini album and three full-length albums to date. Their music can be categorized as a mix of electronica, rock and folk. Official website: - Official Myspace: 3) Ar is pagan ambient / dungeon synth from Sevastopol, Ukraine, created in 1998 by Sergey "AR" Pavlov to express some ideas beside the other bands with his participation. The debut album, "The Eternal Circle of Life", was recorded and self-released in 1999. It was intended to be released through Falcata Galia Recordings (USA), but due to the label's lack of seriousness, the contract was canceled by the project itself. Due to Sergey's eager activity in journalism and management of several bands, he put on ice the project for a long time. In 2002 "The Eternal Circle of Life" was re-released as a part of a split CD with Silentium (Ukrainian ambient project by Munruthel). Official Facebook: Read more...

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